Decentralised Chat comes to EOS.

Diri Chat bridges EOS mainnet accounts to Matrix, an open network for secure, decentralized communication. Using Scatter for authentication.

Diri Chat Features

  • Open Source Code

    The future is transparent, software written by the people for the people.

  • Scatter Authentication

    Login easiliy with just Scatter!

  • Enter the Matrix

    Thousands of users waiting in the Matrix network.

Most popular global mobile messenger apps

Monthly active users fenced from each other

  • 1,500m WhatsApp
  • 1,300m Facebook Messenger
  • 1,083m QQ Mobile
  • 300m Skype
  • 287m Snapchat

Imagine if you needed to have an email address to send to another address, and to, email wouldn't work! Yet in todays world the average person may use Slack at work, Telegram for the EOS community, Facebook for friends and WhatsApp for family. This habit fences millions from each other and makes them vulnerable to outages on mass scale. The Matrix standard creates an open system where chat servers join into a network using a language they all understand.

Login with Scatter now!

Diri Chat is currently in beta
Messages sent may be unsecure/deleted.